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Our Process

Our 5-Step Planning Process

Our mission is to help our clients work toward financial independence by taking time to determine their goals, objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance so they can make prudent financial decisions for their future. As their trusted and knowledgeable advisors, we seek to build long-term relationships through transparency, education, and outstanding client service.

1. Understand

This begins with a conversation to get to know you and to understand what's important to you. During this first phase of our process we will seek to understand your goals and priorities, your comfort level with risk, as well as getting to know where you are relative to reaching your goals.

2. Analyze

We will take the information we have learned and we will analyze where you are relative to reaching your goals. This will help us to design a plan that is tailored for your personal situation and to help you pursue your goals.

3. Design

We will design a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your personal financial goals and situation taking into account your risk tolerance, investment time horizon, tax consideration, and any other factors that need to be considered.

4. Implement

We will present and explain our plan, so that you understand it and are comfortable with it. With your approval, we will implement our plan selecting the specific investments, and helping you with any necessary paperwork.

5. Monitor

We will partner together with you by conducting periodic reviews, monitoring your progress, and making adjustments as necessary.

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